.NET Developer

Experienced in: C# | SQL Server | .NET/ASP.NET Core - .NET/ASP.NET 6 | Angular | Azure | Azure Dev Ops | JQuery | HTML/CSS | JavaScript | JSON | REST

  • Software Engineer - Flex N Gate
    November 2022 - Present

    Successfully addressed a critical performance issue by rewriting a large legacy query that was causing significant delays and frequent timeouts on the front end. The optimization efforts resulted in a remarkable 63% improvement in query speed

    Played a key role in the development and maintenance of multiple .NET 5 applications aimed at providing plant managers with a comprehensive overview of machine statuses, data points, and performance metrics

    Actively contributed to day-to-day bug fixing, promptly identifying, and resolving issues to ensure the smooth operation of the applications

  • Software Engineer - Nexsys Technologies
    August 2020 - November 2022

    Created system to normalize multiple external API schemas from various home insurance companies

    Developed an Angular 12 application to allow lenders to search for and purchase proof of homeowners insurance

    Produced a Blazor application to enable real-time percentage results through executing thousands of API requests against our product

  • Full Stack Developer - JATO Dynamics
    May 2019 - August 2020

    Developed an API using Azure Functions to expose previously inaccessible legacy data to key stakeholders

    Designed and implemented a solution by creating a suite of generic classes to enable developers to rapidly implement search APIs for a variety of JATO's data points

    Integrated a variety of JSON schemas from multiple vehicle manufacturer APIs to provide vehicle emissions data to external clients in a normalized format

    Mentored Junior Developers in implementing their solutions, bug fixes, and general .NET, C# knowledge

  • Software Engineer - Meridian
    November 2018 - May 2019

    Developed a dashboard using MVC and Surround SCM/Helix API that integrated project issues/defects with its related change lists

    Created a WPF app to launch local Node server for UI development

    Modified and created SSRS reports and accompanying stored procedures.

    Created, modified, and fixed reports written in legacy Progress/OpenEdge language to provide historical and current medical health data to internal users

  • Software Developer - United Shore Financial
    Sept 2016 - November 2018

    Developed front-end and back-end applications in SQL, C#, JSON, and JQuery.

    Developed a new product website as part of a team (and project lead on some components) for UWM.com which included writing and calling API’s

    Created Home Value Estimator widget app for UWM.com using Web API and full stack .NET, JS, JQuery, Html, CSS technologies

    Assisted Data Services in rewriting complex stored procedures for client statistics and pipeline data

    Reduced project build time by creating a new Unit Test framework to be used for Controllers and Http tests.

    Created a WPF Desktop Application for the team to track and deploy projects to various sandbox environments for testing purposes

    Coordinated with QA's to test and debug software applications.

  • Teacher - Farber Hebrew Academy
    Sept 2011- August 2016

    Effectively managed and organized classroom by using strategic solutions and thorough lesson planning.

    Observed coworkers through peer coaching programs and offered constructive criticism for best practices.

    Maintained excellent communication with parents, and employers by actively listening and clarifying any confusion.

    Nominated for the city-wide Emery and Diane Klein award for Excellence in Jewish Education.

    Created hundreds of different style worksheets primarily using Microsoft Word.


  • Grand Circus Coding Bootcamp
    June 2016- August 2016

    10-week intensive Java course. Fast-paced learning through classroom lectures, code challenges, labs and group projects.

  • Baker College
    Jan 2015- Jan 2016

    Took computer programming courses towards Associates Degree in Computer Science.

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